All items are handmade in my smoke free home.

Shipping: Current as of March 20th 2017:
Shipping time is 7-10 business days, if not sooner. This may vary by listing. I know as a buyer I hate to wait so I try to process orders as quickly as possible but please keep in mind I do have a family that comes first. 

You MUST make sure your shipping address is correct prior to placing your order. Your order will be shipped to the address listed on your order/PayPal. Any order sent to the wrong address falls on the customer. 

Customs: I, as the seller, am in no way responsible for any extra charges you might encounter while dealing with customs. All extra fees are for the buyer to handle.

Lost/damaged packages: Please email me at with any concerns.

Once it leaves my hands, however, I cannot guarantee the delivery time of any package. USPS is the preferred shipping method and they can and do get caught up for a various number of reasons.

The state I live in (Florida) experiences nasty weather all of the time which will keep me from shipping out. If your package is not shipped out by the 10th business day, an email will be sent to you.

Wholesale: This shop is in no way intended to purchase from and resell my products. Each piece is handmade with lots of care, love and time because I enjoy what I do. If you purchase from me with the intention of turning around & reselling/making your own profit, either as your own or not, you do NOT have my permission and are going against policies. If a person is found to be doing this, they will be banned from purchasing from the shop any further. 

Due to the nature of the products, returns and/or exchanges will not be accepted. 

Please be sure to read the listings for each item prior to purchasing. Most of my items are NOT waterproof due to the adhesives used to make most items (i.e. earrings) Any damage caused by wearing an item in the water is on the buyer.

As an independent owner/seller, I reserve the right to deny business to any individual or group.